It’s that time of year again!

School has started but so has our show season! Are you excited! I am. We will be going to Black Dog Farms show for the first time next Saturday and of course will be at the Equine Corral shows this season starting the October. If there are any other shows you would like to attend please let me know and we c

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Summer Camp Dates

camp flyer2015

Cant wait to see you this summer!  It is going to be a blast!

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New Year Internet deal!

It is a new year and you know you have always wanted to come and try us out, whether you are new to the area, picking riding back up or brand new to the sport now is the time. Book 4 lessons today for $135 ONLY $100- that is only $25 per lesson. This offer ends January 30th 2015 ( Internet deal not valid for current students, all 4 lessons must be used within a 3 month period, All lessons to be used by the same student and are not transferable. Any lesson that is scheduled but not attended is forfeited)

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New Calendar

Hey Guys I have uploaded a new Calendar to the website that will be updated regularly. If the day is Lessons as normal the calendar says Lessons. If there is something different going on, Ms. Meaghan away from the barn for the day, Make-up lessons, special events etc. They will be on the calendar for you to double check. I am working on figuring out how to have the calendar on the side barn of the homepage- but until then here is the link.

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Update on Irish Fox Riding

Hey guys I know I’ve been very bad about keeping this site up to date- but I hope to change that! Here are some quick updates to what has been going on.

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Summer Fun!

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Some Fun from today

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Sorry Harry Potter fans…Not that Sirius Black ———>

<——-I mean  this Sirius Black!  This is our new potential lesson horse!  He is an 8 year old Registered Appaloosa who has spent his life as an amateur adult’s baby.  He has some very good breeding and training in on him and he is very excited and eager to learn  his new career!

The cool thing about some registered breeds you get to track down BABY PICTURES!!———–>

Isn’t he a cutie!

Sirius will start out with some of the advanced riders and as he settles down will hopefully start with some of the beginner riders so everyone will most likely get to ride Sirius If Miss Meaghan doesn’t hog him from you all!  Here are some more pictures of Sirius for your viewing pleasure!  He loves cookies so when you come to meet him come prepared!

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New Addition to Irish Fox!

It’s a Filly!

Gaela, Chestnut Filly Born March 9 2013

Luna and Baby are doing well!

Luna with her new baby Gaela

Proud Papa Sparks Will Fly “Sparky” at Hedgerow Pony Farm.

Sparky is all smiles over his new filly!

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Show Far Show Good!

We are 3/4th’s of the way done with the E.C.O.H. show season and it has been a good one!  Many Firsts have happened this year and you can find them below!

Our new lesson horse Cinder got a New show name for her first show! Say hello to “A Starry Night”

The next show our Walk Trot riders Cleaned up the Division. It was also Toni and Lily’s first show!

And at Cinder’s 3rd show ever Sammy cleaned up in the Walk Trot Division and Came home with the Champion! Congrats on all your hard work!

Megan and Reno are having a blast in the Hopeful Jumpers!

And of course we can’t forget our Leadliners! Peter and Bella keep up the good work!

Not quite Sure what’s going on here…

And I leave you for now with a smile from Hoover!So Proud of his ribbons!

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